41. What I need to do to participate in this promotion?

In order to participate you need to share your experience about your stay on booking.com. Your review is a valuable tool in our hand that leads us to the right direction and ensures the improvement of our services.

– It is important that your review must appear on the booking.com website under your name.

– Then please, send an email to gabor.l.paapa@blisshotelbudapest.com address about your participation request and write us your reservation number. The reservation number can be found in the confirmation which you have received from booking.com via email.

– Every reviewer, who is taking part in the promotion, is entitled to one of these 2 options:

– A guaranteed 40 € cash back on your account


– 120 € voucher which can be used for your next stay at Bliss Hotel & Wellness.

2. What if I choose the cash back?

– Bliss Hotel & Wellness refunds a 40 € cash on your account via bank transfer.

3. What happens if I choose the voucher?

– You get a 120 € voucher for your next stay in Bliss Hotel & Wellness which can be used within 1 year from its release. The voucher can be used for a minimum 3 night stay and only valid in case of a direct booking. If you wish to use the voucher please send us an email by replying to the original participation email. Please, also determine the new check-in / check-out date and the number of guests. We will send you an offer which if you accept we will deduct the 120 € from your reservation fee.
Please, note that the voucher can only be used once.

Should you have any questions please, do not hesitate to contact us.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Respectfully Yours,

Bliss Hotel & Wellness Team

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